RAVE East Village Artist Residency is a meta-project created by the artists Isabella and Tiziana Pers together with Giovanni Marta that since 2011 supports research, dialogue and production in an experimental and multidisciplinary art project. It deals with the role and responsibility of contemporary art in relation to the otherness represented by animals, as well as indicating the need to reconsider our position in the light of a bio-centric, anti-speciesist perspective. It also offers an experience in which all the participants, artists, philosophers, critics, scientists, writers, architects and activists, get to share food, which is always vegan in respect for all sentient beings, and to share time and space together with trees that we saved from felling and animals that have been saved from slaughter and from consumer mechanisms by Tiziana through her practice Art_History (always in-progress). In the artist’s words « it consists in exchanging one of my paintings with an animal that was destined to be slaughtered: a horse, donkey, rabbit, lamb, chicken, pig, duck, goat, cow, goose…depending on project. The painting has the same height and dimensions as the animal to be saved. A contract certifies the exchange. » In this way the project opens several questions on the attribution of an economic value to a sentient being as well as to a work of art, and at the same time on the possibility of art to interact with the actual situation and save a life.


The artists who took part at RAVE are:
Adrian Paci, Inside the Circle, video, 2012
Ivan Moudov, Stones, installation, 2013
Regina Josè Galindo, La oveja negra, performance, 2014
Diego Perrone, Piedi, video, 2015
Tomás Saraceno, Expanse NGC by at the Tegenaria domestica, works on paper, 2016
Igor Grubić, Do Animals…?, multimedia project, 2017
Giuseppe Stampone, Architecture of Intelligence, with Dom Mimi, installation in dialogue with Vigne Museum, project by Yona Friedman with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, 2019.
Liliana Moro, In onda, sound installation and neon, 2021


At RAVE the magnificent historic setting of the borgo hosts the encounter between human and non-human animals, bringing together individual sensibilities and interdisciplinary discussions. It combines the research process of the artist and the gaze of that which is the other in the most absolute terms, bringing to life a plurality of original and experimental visions.


RAVE library (partial) for readings, reflections, raids and new liberations.



Since 2014 RAVE is part of The Indipendent, a project by Fondazione MAXXI conceived by Hou Hanru and curated by Giulia Ferracci and Elena Motisi.


Organizational committee: Daniele Capra (critic and curator), Giuliana Carbi (art historian, director of Trieste Contemporanea), Giovanni Marta (collector and founder of Vulcano), Isabella Pers (artist), Tiziana Pers (artists and RAVE artistic director), Martina Peruch (art historian).


Address: Via Giulia Piccoli, Borgo storico di Soleschiano – 33044 Manzano (Ud).





Help us support the project and the care of animals rescued from slaughter and trees rescued from being cut down!  🐐 🐓🐈 🐎 🌳 🌱


Together we can do so much. And they will be grateful 💚


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RAVE is realized by APS East Village with the support of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and Comune di Trivignano Udinese, in partnership with Comune di Manzano, Trieste Contemporanea, Vigne Museum, ArtEventi, On Art, L’Officina, ALL/Università di Udine, Musiz Foundation, NAHR Nature, Art & Habitat Residency. Main partner: Vulcano Agency.



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