Liliana Moro




project realized RAVE 2021: IN ONDA,  sound installation, neon



In the year of the 10th anniversary, RAVE invited the artist Liliana Moro to interpret its spirit.

Moro worked on what is not perceptible to the human senses and, as such, often removed from our daily awareness. Specifically, he turned his gaze towards the bottom of the sea, that most hidden and distant part from the surface: on the one hand the desire to listen to the abyss, on the other the life that reveals itself in the multiplicity of its forms, even the most small and delicate. If the only possibility of salvation requires starting to rethink ourselves as a species, the real revolution can consist in stopping, and immersing ourselves in the place of the liminal, inside and outside ourselves. Thus, on the thin threshold that separates us from the monstrously other, facing a different light, we could finally close our eyes and stay, for once, listening. The project In onda was created in collaboration with Tommaso Previdi and Beatrice Volpi (sound editing Matteo Sandri), and with the Miramare Marine Protected Area WWF Miramare Biosphere Reserve. The literal translation of the title is in the wave, but in Italian In onda also means on air.


The interdisciplinary round table Il sabato del villaggio followed the presentation of the project on Saturday 28 August 2021, starting with reflections, suggestions and questions raised by Moro’s work.

In addition to the artist, the participants in the dialogue included:

Anna Bálványos, curator Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Cecilia Casorati, critic and curator, director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Daniele Capra, independent curator and critic, Giuliana Carbi, art historian and director of Trieste Contemporanea, Fabio Cherstich, director, Andrea Colla, zoologist Museum of Natural History of Trieste, Eva Comuzzi, independent curator and critic, Giovanna Felluga, AtemporaryStudio, curator and artistic director Vigne Museum, Lara Gaeta, curator and artistic director aA29 Project Room, Giovanni Leghissa, philosopher, professor of philosophy at the University of Turin, Tiziana Pers, artist and co-founder of RAVE, Claudio Libero Pisano, curator and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Donatella Saroli , curator MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Gabi Scardi, independent critic and curator.



Artist Biography:


Liliana Moro was born in 1961 in Milan,where she lives and works. She graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera a Milan, where she studied with Luciano Fabro. In 1989 she founded,with other artists, the Spazio di via Lazzaro Palazzi in Milan, active until 1993. Liliana Moro has shown in major international group exhibitions and solo show includine: Documenta IX, Kassel,;Aperto XLV Venice Biennale; Castello di Rivoli,Turin, Quadriennale Rome, Moderna Museet, Stockholm , PS1 ,New York , De Apple, Amsterdam , Palazzo Grassi Venice , MAMbo Bologna , MART Rovereto , Triennale Milan ; MAXXI Rome , Galleria Nazionale d’Arte moderna Rome, 58° Biennale d’Arte Padiglione Italia,Venice; Galleria Emi Fontana Milan, MUHKA Antwerpen; Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles,

Fondazione A.Ratti, Como, Fondazione Zegna All’Aperto, Trivero , Cubo Garutti/ Museion Bolzen, Galleria Francesco Pantaleone Palermo/Milan, Galleria de Foscherari Bologna.

Encountering the works of Liliana Moro we have the perception that only what is strictly necessary is present. Sound,words,sculptures, objects and performance, compose a world that “stages” a reality simultaneously raw and poetic.These are territories of an individual experience (that of the artist but mainly that of the viewer) that ask for going beyond what is visible. The reduction to the essential understood as an attitude, a practice and a positioning, does not result from a retate of a minimal language: it is a rather something the artist triggers both when choosing to use elaborated techniques, and when opting by using existent materials and objects of everyday use.