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Who supports the association’s activities with a donation of at least 100 euros will receive a multiple of their choice from those described below as a thank you.


The  donations received will be used for the daily care of the animals and trees rescued at RAVE.




Ivan Moudov


2018, edition of 90, numbered and signed




Stones records the installation by Ivan Moudov in the courtyard of Casa Cavazzini Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Udine; it was made thanks to the insertion of a layer of foam rubber underneath the stones of the building’s internal garden. In this way the floor became unexpectedly soft (visitors to the show were deliberately kept in the dark about this) and those who walk over it nd their feet sinking down a few centimetres. is forces pebbles to infiltrate between the feet and the shoe uppers. For the observers this is both ironic teasing and a warning to take nothing you see at face value, whether in everyday life of within the walls of a museum. More in general, Moudov’s Stones represents an expression of how art could be: uncomfortable and able to make us look at the world with a view never previously attempted.





Igor Grubić


2017, edition of 90, numbered and signed




Do Animals…? is a carefully developed project by Igor Grubić, evolved from an analysis undertaken in the former slaughterhouse in Gorizia, now used by Biolab, that produces vegan foods. The project dialogues with the space before and during the reconversion.

The former slaughterhouse becomes the place of absence par excellence. In these suspended spaces, where we perceive the passage of what there was before, there is a single presence: the female dog Bjork is the only non-human animal that entered the place and left it alive. The project reflects on the hidden perspectives and psychological aspects of what happens inside the black box of slaughterhouses, and makes clear, with a calm but decided tone, the dynamics of animal exploitation, since it alludes to a possible overcoming of the conflicts between human and non-human animals.