Adrian Paci



project realized RAVE 2011: INSIDE THE CIRCLE, 2012, video, 6’33’’



RAVE began its adventure in the summer of 2011 together with Adrian Paci, the first resident artist.

Shot in black and white and set inside a training ring, his film Inside the Circle explores the complex dynamics between human and non-human animals through an interaction between a horse and a young woman.



The protagonists of the video are Tiziana Pers and the horse Tor De Chirincito, whom she saved in the summer of 2009.


“Tiziana relates to the horses mainly using body language, a primordial language, understandable by the horse, firm but gentle, as it is made of gestures and movements that make her less different in their eyes.”

Adrian Paci, from Naturalness. A conversation with Adrian Paci. by Giuliana Carbi, 2012


‘Adrian Paci was the first guest of the RAVE residency program and he created his metaphorical video Inside the Circle with the participation of Tiziana Pers. There the animal and the human, the horse and the woman – the white, almost unicorn, horse and the beautiful maiden are together in a shared space – they are there and they are communicating but they are somehow existing in parallel while presenting the kind of simplicity and beauty that are easily attached to the traditional definition of being natural.’

Iara Boubnova, 2017


‘This work explores the complex dynamic between man and animal, as illustrated in the interaction between a trainer and a horse. In the bareness of their actions, which mix in a single expressive code, they seem to be reviving a primitive bond, oblivious to the distinction between species. Their relation unfolds in a choreographed role-play in which the leader – the woman – finally attains self-definition.’

Adam Budak, 2012


“Human time dances with animal time”

Ken Johnson, The New York Times, June 7, 2012





Artist Biography:


Adrian Paci, born in Shkoder (Albania) in 1969, lives and works in Milan. Originally a painter, Paci also works in film, photography, sculpture and installation. The Albanian-Italian artist has attracted a great deal of attention for his story-telling art, which has often emanated from personal experiences of exile and rootlessness.

His works, famous for the expressive and poetic power, have been exhibited in international museums and events, among which the Kunsthaus Zurich (CH); Villa Medici, Rome (I); CCA, Tel Aviv (IL); Kunstverein Hannover (D); Bonnier Konsthall, Stockolm (S); P.S.1, New York (USA); Kunstverein Stuk, Leuven (B); Moderna Museet, Stockholm (S); Panoramica, Museo Tamayo (MX); 48th and 51st  Venice Biennale of Art;  Tate Modern, London (UK), Kunsthaus Graz (A).